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Privacy Policy

In order to provide better and diversified services and goods, as permitted by law, your personal data will be collected, used, managed and provided to service providers or related enterprises in accordance with the provisions of the personal data Protection Law. to ensure better service quality, and to supervise and ensure that employees have absolute rigor and confidentiality in processing data. 

1. The purpose of collecting personal data. 

When using the game platform, you may need to provide some personal data to continue to use the relevant services of the members of the game platform. The main purposes of collecting personal data are as follows:

(1) verify the identity of the member holder-therefore, it is necessary to collect information such as name, ID card number, address, email and so on from you at the time of registration. 

(2) provide services and support for the game platform-these materials include contact information (address or email, etc.). In order to meet your request for services or support, these materials will also be used to provide you with up-to-date information such as products and services. 

(3) comment on the discussion area or reply to the survey-the company will collect email address or name. 

(4) data statistics for the provision of quality services-the usage information of the relevant services may be used for comprehensive statistics and analysis, which will help the company to develop the content that is most suitable for users and easiest to use. 

(5) Marketing uses-including contacting you directly or informing you of the latest news through other channels. We are committed to following the company's strict guidelines and selecting reputable partners to provide services, but our privacy protection does not cover the information you provide directly to third parties (buyers / sellers of online auctions, online stores or other linked websites). It is recommended that you consult the relevant parties with their codes and guidelines before providing any personal data.

2.Content categories of data collected.

(1) basic information: such as name, sex, date of birth, uniform ID card number, guardian number, telephone number, address, e-mail address, marriage, family status, name of legal guardian, or other information that can directly or indirectly identify you; and if necessary, the original or photocopy will be required to check.

(2) 2.account information: such as financial institution account number, credit card number, transaction information, and other financial information, etc., and if necessary, original or photocopy will be required to check. 

3.Period of use of personal data. 

Use your data during the period of operation. 

4.Area of use of personal data. 

Use your personal data area for the world. 

5.Disclose the information collected. 

You confirm and authorize this platform to retain and store all materials provided by you and store them in one or more databases of our company. We will maintain full control and protection of all data in these databases in accordance with strict security and confidentiality standards and will not disclose them to third parties, except for the following persons or organizations: 

(1) employees of this platform who have received formal training in processing customer data and are authorized. 

(2) third-party service providers providing support services. These suppliers are bound by the contract to comply with the privacy standards set out in this article. 

(3) any person to whom this platform is required to disclose information in accordance with applicable legal, government or regulatory requirements. 

(4) any trustee or transferee for the benefit of the Company in the event of a reorganization, reorganization or similar occurrence of the company's business. 

(5) the person or institution with which you trade through platform services, such as cash flow services, banks, financial or other institutions. 

(6) the right to disclose your personal information will be reserved to a specific person under the following circumstances: 

(a) there are sufficient grounds to believe that the disclosure of the information is necessary to identify or contact you. 

(b) in violation of the user terms of this platform or product, etc., or when your actions cause damage or interference to the website, rights, products or other users of this platform, or when the person affected takes legal action against you. 

(c) when there are sufficient grounds to believe that you are involved in fraud or other illegal or breach of contract. 

(7) any advertiser or other website you find linked to this platform may also collect your personal data. This privacy policy does not apply to this advertiser or other website, nor can it control their behavior.

6.The impact of not providing information or providing untrue information. 

(1) when joining a member of this platform or applying for other services, when it is necessary to fill in personal data, if the information you provide is reported by others or the platform finds that it is not sufficient to confirm the authenticity of your identity, the platform will suspend its service to you; if you can confirm the authenticity of the platform, the platform will resume your service, and if you still cannot confirm the authenticity of your identity, the platform will not be able to process your request. 

(2) when you join a member of this platform or apply for other services, you are free to choose whether or not to fill in the personal data section when you join the website or apply for other services. but at the same time, you may not be able to use services or specific products that require registration or relevant information (such as subscriptions to e-newsletters, birthday offers, etc.). In addition, if the account is fraudulently used or the data is embezzled, because you do not provide or provide false information, so that it is impossible to confirm the authenticity of your identity, this platform will not be able to process your request. 

7.User's choice. 

The platform will provide users with the latest news or communications without your request from time to time through email. If you do not want to receive communications sent without your request in the future, you can contact our customer relations staff by email and they will delete your name from the contact list of the above communications. We will only keep your contact details for customer service, such as informing you of the latest offers, changes to member services, and so on. 

8.Use "Cookies" to collect data.

We may use "Cookies profile" to collect information about users' use of the service, which is helpful for users to visit the site again. A "Cookies file" is a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored in a web browser so that it can be read from that browser in the future. Currently, data collected from Cookies files is used to improve the functionality of the service. The information provided by this platform service is based on the company's analysis of the cumulative use of the service by users, and then organized and arranged. Cookies files help to make the login process smoother and faster at the same time, and save data between call periods. 

6.You can turn off the Cookies file function on your browser without affecting your browsing of our website, but Cookies files do make our service more convenient. Turning off the Cookies file function may result in complexity and more input procedures. You should also note that if you clear the Cookies file function, it may affect some of the functions of the imagination service.

9.Data security. 

We are concerned about the security of the data collected and have implemented measures to prevent unauthorized access to or use of such data. The imaginative system uses appropriate security protocols for authentication and authorization to ensure the security of electronic communications.Nevertheless, we are not responsible for any breach of security measures or unauthorized disclosure or use of such information. 

10.User posting attention. 

Any place where the game platform is accessible to the general public is likely to be indexed by a searcher. If you choose to disclose your personal data in a place accessible to the public, users should pay more attention to it. 

11.Update of privacy policy. 

We are very concerned about the privacy of our users and know that it is necessary to update this policy when our company provides new features or business services. We will notify users of the changes before making changes to this policy. 

12.Other rights. 

Upon confirmation of your personal data by this platform, you may request the following: 

(1) inquire whether our company holds any personal data of you. 

(2) consult your information held by our company. 

(3) request to correct your data. 

(4) to ascertain the policies and practices adopted by the Company from time to time in respect of the information and types of data held by the Company. 

(5) access to or use of your data is prohibited and is required to be informed of the actions taken by Imagination in relation to any of the above requirements, and the platform reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for compliance with the above requirements.